Our Story
Our Story
A Bit About Us

As newlyweds, my parents David and Judy Nichol bought Rossie in the late 70s and over the years have been devoted to sculpting and restoring the garden to its former glory under the original trees planted by the Oliphant family, who built and lived at Rossie for almost 300 years. The gardens are a testament to my mother whose tireless energy and enthusiasm created such a magical haven – after all, who else has an Alice in Wonderland themed garden with a 10 foot yew teapot and the Mad Hatter having a tea party?!

Over its history Rossie has bred deer hounds, attempted to launch one of Britain’s first aeroplanes (not entirely successful I don’t think!) and housed evacuees during the war whose engravings are still visible on the big beech tree on the main lawn.

My three sisters and I have had a lot of adventures at Rossie, from toddlers in overgrown woods, dancing to pipe bands on garden open days, paddle boarding on the River Earn to an awesome joint 21st party at Rossie byre – oh, and our weddings too!

My husband Matt and I with our three children are excited to have moved back to Rossie and can’t wait to get the party started once again! From spring 2022 we are opening our doors and hope you can all enjoy Rossie as much as I have over the years.